#welfie = weather + selfie

Dress for the weather,
dress for the better.

Welfie suggests the perfect outfit for YOU based on accurate weather predictions, Artificial Inteligence, and your very own selfies.

More than 1,200,000 creative people use Welfie

The right clothes
at the right time.

Welfie is a must-have for your daily comfort.Wherever you go, whatever you do, Welfie will be right there with you!

For your morning routine

● Start by making the habit of taking a picture every day and log your feelings.

● Welfie learns from your data and gives spot-on outfit recommendations

Smart packing for traveling.

● Welfie allows you to explore the weather from places all around the world.

● It recommends you just which clothes to take to your trips.

Make it Stylish

Effortlessly become the best dressed in any room.

Make it Comfy

Always wear clothes that make you feel cozy.

Make it YOU

Create a unique wardrobe based on your feelings.

How to use Welfie

The ultimate guide to your favorite weather assistant.


Set up your profile

Choose your preferences and allow the app to access your camera and location.


Take a selfie!

The fun part! Snap a daily picture and tell Welfie how you feel. Welfie will learn from your data to assist you.


Get smart weather advice 😎

Every day, you’ll receive receive personalized recommendations based on the weather and your personal preferences.


Dress for the weather

The app provides accurate outfit recommendations to help you dress appropriately for the day ahead.

Post your Welfies

You can keep your Welfies for your self or share them for the world to see! Simply set up your privacy settings.

Check Weather

Connect with fellow Welfriends and explore an entire kaleidoscope of outfit inspiration!

A word from some Welfie Lovers
Tina, 27
Fashion Enthusiast

"At first, the idea of an app using my selfies to suggest outfits felt weird. But Welfie surprised me - it doesn't just pick clothes based on my looks; it considers the vibes I associate with my selfies. It’s like having a fashion-savvy friend who gets my style preferences without invading my privacy. Impressive!👏🏻"

Jen, 30
Entrepreneur and Busy Mom

"Welfie’s a lifesaver!🌸 Between running my business and managing family life, picking the right outfit used to stress me out. Now? This app simplifies it all. It predicts the weather and recommends outfits that fit my schedule and the forecast. The perfect app for multitasking mama!🤰🏻💘"

Sophie, 25
Travel Enthusiast and Fashion Lover

"Welfie takes my selfie game to the next level! It uses my pics to decode my fashion moods and suggests outfits I’d vibe with. It’s like having a virtual closet that knows my style secrets. Game-changer for a fashionista like me!"

Emily, 28
SMM & Marketing Manager

"Welfie’s selfie magic plus weather smarts? Perfect combo!🙌🏻 It crafts office looks from my selfies while considering the forecast. Rainy commute? It suggests sleek rain-friendly outfits. It's my daily style guide with a meteorologist twist!👍🏻"

Alexa, 32
Selfie Lover

"Using selfies for outfit inspo is rad, but adding weather vibes? Welfie nailed it! It suggests my looks that resonate with the weather. Rain☔ or shine☀️, my style stays on point thanks to this weather-smart fashion sidekick!."

Lindsay, 26
Student and Fashion Lover

"Welfie taps into my selfie vibes to curate outfits that resonate with my creative soul. It’s not just about the looks; it considers the feelings behind the selfies. A bit out there, but it’s like fashion therapy, suggesting outfits that match my mood. Pretty cool, tbh 🙉 💗"

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